Leaving a Legacy of Love • SJS

A beautiful piece about the power of love over fear. So what is your legacy?

We all get to choose whether we respond or react. Do we react from a place of fear, picking a side and demonizing the other guy? Or do we respond from a place of love, and open our hearts sending the energy of love to all people? I believe that it is human nature to feel oneness with one another. We see it all time when great tragedies occur. Strangers helping strangers, people lining up to donate blood or rescuing someone from a flood or fire. When the times demand goodness, human beings respond with courage and love. This knowledge is what sustains me when I wonder what is happening in this world; it is what moves me to open my heart to every child who comes through my door, no matter what. And more of this love is what is needed right now. So my commitment remains to leave my legacy of love with every person, whether I agree with them or not, because I know that love dissolves fear.

Source: Leaving a Legacy of Love • SJS


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