Choosing Love

Written by Melody Routh, MSW

I think often, when we hear the word “love” it has a soft connotation.
Although I have many memories and examples  of love being portrayed in a gentler sense, that is not always the case.

My experience with love is that it can also be fierce, and it can be bold.

It is bold to choose to respond with love, to someone who has hurt you.

It is brave to choose love, instead of interacting in fear.

Love cannot be passive, if it chooses to defend.

Love promotes peace, but it also protects.

You see, there is a balance between every concept and love is no exception.

There is a time to choose to love gently, and there is a time to choose to love fiercely.

The key is that no matter your cause, no matter the person, and no matter your response, gentle or fierce, it can all be accomplished in a loving way.

If we advocate for the needs of others out of a place of love, our cause will be stronger.

If we confront and challenge others’ maladaptive behaviors with love, it will be better received.

And if we daily extend to our selves a sense of grace and self love, despite any history of mistakes, we will be that much more secure and able to love others.

Some seasons of life will ask you to be a warrior, and other times a healer. But the bond between the success of either, is to choose love as the proponent from which you live.

Whatever you do, and wherever you are, choose to do so with love.

Today I wish you balance in whatever season of love your life leads you to today.


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